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The Georgetown University Alumni Student Federal Credit Union (GUASFCU) is the largest entirely student-run financial institution in the nation with peak assets exceeding 18 million dollars. I started as bank teller, then functioned as a marketing analyst and graphic designer, and currently serve as GUASFCU's Vice President of Marketing. I collaborate with executives across all departments to serve the interests of the credit union in the most effective way possible.

Premium Service Brands

Premium Service Brands is an umbrella company that sells home improvement franchises across the country including 360º Painting, Maid Right ProLift Garage Doors, Renew Crew, Handyman Pro, and Kitchen Wise. During the summer of 2021, I worked as a graphic design and copywriting intern in Premium Service Brand's Marketing Department reporting directly to their CMO. I wrote the copy and designed the collateral for two separate campaigns for each of the six brands. In total, I created 14 postcards, 14 doorhangers, 5 social media posts for each campaign (70 total), and wrote 14 emails to advertise each push. I designed each piece to fit brand identity parameters and delivered organized exports and files to my boss in a timely manner.

MeanGreen Media

MeanGreen Media is an independent video and media company based in DC that does work for various agencies, corporations, nonprofits, and political organizations. I am a contract employee at MeanGreen working as a graphic design intern primarily completing upkeep tasks for their website.

Mama Bird Studio

Mama Bird Studio was started during the pandemic by Leslie Ganz, a Pacific Northwest mama and Connecticut daughter, master gardener and fledgling artist. Leslie hand-paints cards with whimsical designs that represent an intersection of her passions for gardening, sending hand-written notes and water coloring. Each card comes with a matching painted envelope and are intended to be tiny pieces of original art you can send to loves ones or frame. Additionally, $2 from each sale is donated to a nonprofit that supports permanent housing and life-counseling for homeless women and young children.

I designed the logo combining a chicken, an envelope, and the letter "M" plus all other start-up marketing collateral before the launch of the Etsy site.

SAIL Atelier

Sail is an organization fighting against the fast fashion industry by making clothes that are 100% sustainable and made from 100% natural cotton. In an effort to save our ocean’s coral reefs, Sail partnered with the Reef Life Foundation so whenever an item is purchased, a coral garden is deployed into the ocean. 


American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a nonprofit based out of New York City that strives to facilitate the transition of veterans out the military and into the workforce. For five months, I worked under the title of "Summer Associate" creating and redesigning content for ACP's various social media platforms. Additionally I completed a variety startup projects for ACP's "Give them 20" fundraiser including the fundraiser logo, social media content, and the Instagram story highlight icons.

Professional Portfolio-14.png

Holiday Loan Campaign Postcard Mailer

I designed a postcard to send to our alumni member base encouraging them to take advantage of our discounts and take out a loan this holiday season. I featured an illustration of our CEO, a QR code leading to the loan applications, and all information necessary to understand the loan products. These mailers exceeded the $300,000 origination target and secure $430,000 in loan originations in under 50 days. 

Professional Portfolio-25.jpg

T-Shirt Design

I was tasked with creating a fun and unique design for the back of a t-shirt college students would actually want to wear. This DC skyline sunset design features the Potomac River, Key Bridge, and Georgetown University’s most iconic edifice, Healy Hall.

Professional Portfolio-02.jpg

Rewards Partner Advertising

I designed these posters, graphics, and gifs to advertise our rewards partners around campus and around the Georgetown neighborhood.


Fall 2021 Recruitment Video

I worked on this video with my fellow VP of Marketing to encourage students to apply to work at the credit union. We filmed together, she edited the footage, and I designed all the graphics.

GUASFCU Holiday Video

A team of interns and I created this video by recreating scenes from famous holiday movies. We brainstormed and filmed together, and while two others edited the video, I designed each of the title card graphics. 

Recruitment Schedule Video

GUASFCU recruits new interns every semester to ensure the longevity of the institution. I created this video using Photoshop and Premier Pro to post on social media platforms to inform prospective interns of our timeline and encourage them to apply!

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 12.42.40 PM.png

Internship & Graduation Loan Promo Videos

GUASFCU offers internship and graduation loans designed to help members with a summer internship or job after graduation and pay for housing, living, and travel costs before they start working. The following videos were created to advertise these loans through social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This video was a collaborative effort with a fellow colleague–I designed all the graphics and text while she edited the video in Premiere Pro. 

Professional Portfolio-04.jpg
Professional Portfolio-06.jpg

360º Painting

Professional Portfolio-07.jpg

Maid Right

Professional Portfolio-08.jpg

ProLift Garage Doors

Professional Portfolio-09.jpg

Renew Crew

Professional Portfolio-12.jpg

Handyman Pro

Professional Portfolio-10.jpg

Kitchen Wise

Professional Portfolio-11.jpg

Agency Page

Professional Portfolio-22.jpg

About Page

Professional Portfolio-23.jpg

Politics Page

Professional Portfolio-24.jpg

Official Logo

Professional Portfolio-37.jpg
Professional Portfolio-37.jpg

Secondary Logos

Professional Portfolio-34.jpg

Icon Variations

Professional Portfolio-29.jpg

Color Variations

Professional Portfolio-35.jpg

Business Cards

Professional Portfolio-33.jpg

Vinyl Stickers

Professional Portfolio-32.jpg

Shipping Label

Professional Portfolio-30.jpg

Notecard Enclosure

Professional Portfolio-31.jpg

Instagram Ads

These pieces were commissioned by SAIL to be used for Instagram advertising in the form of stories and posts. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 1.59.45 PM.png

Give Them 20 Logos

Graphics for @ACP & @givethem20

Professional Portfolio-26.jpg
Professional Portfolio-19.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 9.41.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 9.41.14 AM.png
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